Advantages of Using Blown In Insulation in Fargo, ND

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If you are considering blown in insulation for your remodel, construction or home improvement project, know that you are choosing one of the easiest and most efficient forms of insulation available! There are many choices for insulation on the market, and you will likely discover the blown in option exceeds your expectations. Here are five advantages to using blown in insulation in Fargo, ND:

  • Easy, time saving installation: There are fewer steps to installing blown in insulation. Basically, you make a hole in the wall, fill it with the insulation and patch it up again. While that is time saving on its own, think about cluttered spaces like garages and shops. In most of these cases, you would have to move items around to clear the space for work. However, when you use the blown in technique, you need just enough space for a hole and the equipment. This takes less time and is not nearly as labor intensive as other insulation options.
  • Better energy efficiency: This type of insulation creates an airtight seal, which reduces air leaks and drafts. The blown material is also smaller and fills every crack and crevice, which gives no place for heat to escape this winter. You can also add it around beams, pipes and other odd-shaped areas to insulate spots that normally cannot be accommodated. The result is better energy efficiency because HVAC systems will not have to work as hard. Also, homeowners enjoy having a cozy home in winter and a cool one in the summer. You will pay more for installation because the materials are more expensive. However, that investment will make up for itself in lower utility bills.
  • Noise control: The same design that prevents air leaks also controls noise. Tight seals and thick material create an excellent sound buffer that will block out street noise, loud neighbors and even the wind, rain and thunder. You will enjoy a home that is both efficient and quiet.
  • Fire resistance: Blown in insulation creates better fire resistance due to how it works. The airtight character of it prevents air from flowing in and feeding flames. If you use it in a garage with propane appliances and something sparks, the fire is likely to never become large enough to engulf your house. Instead, you will have time to discover your mistake and use a fire extinguisher.
  • It is available as a do-it-yourself project: We are blown in insulation contractors, but we also offer do-it-yourself products. If your budget or other circumstances make hiring this task out difficult, see what we can do for you with our take-home kits. Since this is one of the easier forms of insulation installation available, it is likely you can handle this on your own if you only need to insulate a small space or if other elements make this manageable for you.

To enjoy these benefits of blown in insulation in Fargo, ND, call Interstate Spray Foam Insulation. We look forward to helping you with professional installation or a do-it-yourself option.

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