Finding an Insulation Contractor in Fargo, ND

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There are many types of insulation available, and many contractors wanting your business. Finding an insulation contractor in Fargo, ND who you trust can be a big undertaking. If you are careful and thorough, you will find someone to complete your job correctly and enjoy a warmer home this winter. Here are five steps to finding a good contractor:

  • Ask for referrals: You likely know someone who purchased and installed insulation recently. Ask around and see who your friends, family members or coworkers hired. Get an idea of their impression of the completed work. You will get good ideas of whom to call, but also whom to avoid. This will likely give you enough names to start making calls and conducting online searches.
  • Use the Internet: Home Advisor, Angie’s List and Yelp all contain reviews of different contractors. You can narrow down the list to those with the highest ratings, and that will help you find contractors to call. Trade organizations also contain lists that could prove helpful. Reading reviews will require discernment, since there are people who are never happy with any service. If the reviews are largely positive, that is a good sign.
  • Be thorough: When you call contractors for estimates, see how much time they take understanding the areas needing work and your property’s specific needs. Even this early in the deal, there should be details and not a casual look followed by a vague list. If the estimate is performed during a telephone call, there should still be questions about any noticeable air drafts, temperature control issues and square footage. Beware of any contractors who are not big on details, since that could result in rising costs and low quality work later.
  • Request and call references: Once you have names and bids, also request references. These should include other homeowners who hired the contractor for insulation work. Ask about timelines, work quality, customer service and anything else that is important to you. If you need specialist work, ask specific questions regarding the type of work you require. Just as with online reviews, you may run across people who are never satisfied, but you will get a good overall idea of what to expect. Do not inquire further if a contractor does not provide references. There is likely a good reason for that refusal.
  • Confirm insurance, licensing and certification: Never take a risk on a contractor who is not adequately insured. Any worker injuries could result in claims against your homeowner’s insurance, as well as higher premiums. Contractors must meet minimum insurance guidelines and bond requirements in addition to demonstrating skill. Do not hire anyone who will not provide certification or insurance information. The same is true if you cannot confirm a contractor’s bond, since you do not want to risk substandard work and the need for remedy. Follow through with these details even if you feel certain about a contractor.

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