Common Installation Mistakes Involving Blown-In Insulation in Fargo, ND

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While there are do-it-yourself kits for blown-in insulation in Fargo, ND, there are reasons why you should leave this job to experienced contractors. It is easy to overlook key components that make this such a popular and effective option. These are five common mistakes that frequently arise when people attempt to install blown-in insulation on their own:

  • Not enough installed: This is a common problem that often results in a call to us when the effort to install insulation ends up without the expected benefits. Attics are frequent victims of this misstep, and when a home is inspected, 20 to 50 percent of the needed insulation is missing. It is a matter of not being thorough, which often happens when you feel time-pressured or frustrated. Also, people often fail to purchase enough insulation, so that causes this shortcoming, too.
  • Skipped rooms: There are even instances where whole rooms are skipped. You would think that this would be impossible, but it is more common than expected. It often occurs because the focus is primarily on one room. Being obsessed with insulating the living room, for example, often results in overlooking a craft or media room. Homeowners may ignore this error for years and sell their homes later, only for the buyers to discover one room is draftier than the others. Further inspection later reveals a lack of insulation.
  • Not accounting for unusual room shapes: If you have high vaulted ceilings or rooms that are not quite square, you require additional assistance when installing any insulation, including blown-in. These spaces challenge installation, and it is much easier to leave leaking air pockets behind. Any money you saved by doing it yourself later goes towards higher utility bills. Skilled contractors look for not only the best way to insulate your home, but also how to complete the job successfully in a way that accommodates its unique features. This is where experience works well in your favor.
  • Skipping the access point: Every square inch in an attic must be insulated—including the access point. Homeowners with no insulation experience often skip this part, thinking that insulating this area will make getting into the attic difficult. However, this is a major source of air leakage that will create unpleasant drafts. Contractors know how to insulate the access point so it is airtight while still allowing you access to the attic.
  • Damaged insulation: Mishandling materials with blown-in insulation can reduce its effectiveness. This would include touching it too much or crawling over it to perform other work. If you are fixing other problems in addition to installing insulation, realize that grouping chores like that may wear out the insulation. Your best bet is to plan ahead and finish these tasks before you install insulation, so it does not get damaged.

Interstate Insulation is a local expert in blown-in insulation in Fargo, ND. If you would like your insulation installed correctly the first time, call us today to receive an estimate. We look forward to working with you!

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