Understanding R-Values of Fiberglass Insulation in Fargo, ND

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All fiberglass insulation in Fargo, ND is not created equal. Some options have better heating characteristics than others, making it imperative that you understand R-values when choosing and adding insulation to your home or business.

Higher R-value means better insulation

R-values have to do with how much heat fiberglass insulation in Fargo, ND holds, or what its thermal resistance is. A higher R-value means you will get more protection from the insulation, which will better insulate your home or business. Areas within your home or business that are prone to drafts that allow heat to escape should have higher R-value insulation to provide more protection against the cold.

Every fiberglass insulation material is rated using an R-value, which is determined by how thick the material is, and how many air pockets are in the insulation. This also accounts for the type of material used to construct the fiberglass insulation in Fargo, ND, as some varieties are made with more heat resistant materials than others.

Matching R-values to your home

Choosing the right fiberglass insulation in Fargo, ND for your home or business will depend on where it will be placed in your property, as well as what type of climate you live in. It makes sense that a colder climate will dictate that you use a higher R-value material when insulating your home or business, whereas a region that has fewer heating requirements will demand an insulation material with a lower R-value.

In an attic of a home or business, you want more heating protection, as this is where the majority of cold enters your home and heat escapes. An R-value between R-30 and R-60 will give you superior protection from the cold and provide the insulation you need. Areas such as basements and crawl spaces, meanwhile, need a lower R-value, between R-10 to R-19. Not as much heat escapes in these areas, allowing you to select a lower R-value for your insulation choice.

While it can be harder to place insulation in sidewalls, especially in an existing home or business, this can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency. It is estimated that a 10 percent savings can be reached with sidewall insulation that is between R-11 and R-18.

Flooring can also have insulation installed beneath it. While a high R-value is not needed on this surface, it is still a good idea to insulate this part of your home or business, as air flows through building materials, easily creating what is known as thermal bridging. Taking care to add fiberglass insulation in Fargo, ND to flooring can help to lower energy costs and create a protective barrier in your home against the cold. Select an R-value between R-13 and R-30 for flooring insulation.

With the right R-value of fiberglass insulation in Fargo, ND, you will be able to make sure your home or business is properly insulated. This will save you money from month to month, as you will be able to cut your energy costs because less heat will be able to escape. To have your home or business insulated, contact Interstate Insulation. We offer a variety of insulation types for residential, commercial, agriculture and industrial customers, and look forward to helping you choose the ideal option.

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