Six Signs You Should Replace Your Wall and Attic Insulation in Fargo, ND

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Performing regular preventative home maintenance can save you money and the headaches that come with having to deal with damage and emergencies. But when it comes to your insulation, there’s a complication: your wall and attic insulation largely out of sight, which means it is often overlooked. So you can avoid costly fixes, let’s look at six telltale signs you should look into replacing your wall and attic insulation in Fargo, ND:

  • Energy bills are high: If your energy bills are increasing month after month, you might want to evaluate your daily energy usage. Is the heater or cooler running constantly in order to maintain a comfortable indoor environment? Do you find yourself staring at the thermostat wondering if the settings are right? The most common culprit connected to higher energy bills is poor insulation in your walls, attic, crawlspaces and other similar areas. Low quality insulation is typically due to age, and the result is inadequate heating and cooling retention throughout your home.
  • Noticeable temperature changes: The point of an HVAC system is to make the inside of a home or commercial building comfortable to be in. Unfortunately, an improperly insulated house will remain toasty in summer and feel cold in winter, no matter how often the thermostat clicks on. This is a sign that you should bring in a professional to evaluate your insulation.
  • Indoor air drafts: Cold or hot drafts may mean your insulation is not doing its job. To find out if you are living in a drafty house, feel along the walls, around entrances to the attic and crawlspaces and even around electrical outlets for air sneaking in. Replacing old or damaged attic insulation in Fargo, ND may be the key to stopping drafts.
  • The house is old: The chances of asbestos being in your insulation is high if your house was built before 1970—and the chances are even greater if the insulation material has never been replaced. Even more alarming is the fact that a number of very old homes don’t have any insulation in the walls or attic at all.
  • Pest infestations: Anyone who has heard noises coming from their attic can tell you the source is probably an animal. Wild animals like rats, bats, opossums and raccoons become pests the moment they move into your attic, because they destroy the material while building nests and using it as a bathroom. A pest control specialist can remove the critters, but you’ll likely need to call an insulation contractor to come replace soiled insulation.
  • Wet insulation: Missing or broken shingles and cracks in the walls will let the elements into your attic. From hot winds to heavy rain, leaks like these can lead to wet insulation, making it difficult for your heater or cooler to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. It’s important to replace moistened insulation materials immediately so the problem does not get worse.

No matter the age or style of your home, you can count on the experienced insulation professionals at Interstate Insulation to recommend the best insulation materials. Contact us today to schedule a time for installation of new attic insulation in Fargo, ND!

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