Should You Hire a Pro or Use the DIY Approach for Home Insulation?

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Most homeowners understand the immense cost savings that insulation can provide them. However, many of them also know that finding a quality professional to do the job can be tedious and expensive. These are the reasons that some homeowners consider trying do-it-yourself insulation installation using batts, rolls or spray foam kits in ND.

For the average homeowner, deciding between DIY and professional insulation installation can be difficult. On one hand, you can save on labor costs and have the satisfaction of finishing a project on your own at home. On the other, professionals have the tools and experience to deliver a quality job in a short amount of time. There are a few factors to consider that can help you choose the right option.


The cost of your insulation project is probably going to be top of mind when making the decision between DIY and hiring a professional. Most people assume that DIY insulation will be much cheaper than hiring a pro to do the job due to the lack of labor costs, but that isn’t always the case.

What type of insulation are you considering? Some types of insulation, such as batts or rolls, can be easily purchased at a low rate by homeowners and installed with little to no tools. Others like spray foam kits in ND can be more expensive, depending on the size of the area needing to be insulated. Professionals are often able to buy their materials at wholesale or at substantial discounts from their suppliers, meaning they might be able to purchase materials cheaper than you can.

Working with a licensed professional may also qualify you for Energy Star incentives, but you lose out on that opportunity when you do insulation installation yourself.


Unless you are an experienced insulation expert yourself, a professional will likely be able to deliver a higher quality installation job than you could accomplish on your own. By doing it yourself, you risk not installing it correctly, which can lead to you spending more money in the long run, both on high energy bills and on hiring a professional to redo the job.

Higher quality jobs means less mess, too, which is extremely common with spray foam kits in ND. If you don’t want to bother with the cleanup, hire a pro.

Area to insulate

Consider the area you want to insulate. Are you just doing a touch-up project in small areas? These types of jobs are better suited for DIY projects. Are you trying to insulate a hard-to-reach area like underneath your home or behind finished walls and ceilings? You might want to leave those for the pros.

Depending on the area you’re insulating, DIY could also take you multiple days or weeks to finish the project. This might be a problem if you don’t have the spare time or work a full-time job. A professional could finish the job in a single day or two.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we recommend you hire a professional for more difficult insulation jobs, such as spray foam insulation installation. Spray foam kits in ND are difficult to use and clean up, and professionals can deliver a higher-quality job that can help save you money down the road.

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