Six Tips to Help You Select the Right Company to Install Attic Insulation in Cass County, ND

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The job of insulation materials is to keep the temperature inside homes and other buildings as comfortable as possible. So, it goes without saying that without proper insulation installation in your home, you are likely to experience bitter cold winters and roasting summers. However, you can keep drafts out and outside noise at bay with quality insulation. Before you hire anyone, here are a few tips to help you select the right company to install attic insulation in Cass County, ND:

  • Get recommendations: The only insulation installation companies you should even consider for the job are the ones holding a good reputation for customer service in your area. Therefore, you want to get as many recommendations as you can from people you know personally, like friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers. Find out from them if there is a certain insulation company or contractor they would recommend, and ask why.
  • Read reviews: The Internet is a great source for customer reviews of all sorts of businesses. Check out a business website’s comments and feedback page, visit online review sites like Yelp or perform an Internet search for reviews through Google.
  • Ask about qualifications: A reputable insulation installation company will possess all the necessary qualifications required by their state’s law. Contact a company directly and ask if they hold a current business license, have a contractor’s business license and are bonded and insured. Are all their installation technicians fully trained?
  • Ask about experience: Professional experience is key to a job done right the first time. Find out how many years the company has been in business, if they only hire certified technicians and installers and how long they’ve offered their services to your community. It is also important that they have extensive experience in successfully installing a variety of insulation materials in a number of areas in homes and buildings.
  • Confirm services: Don’t assume that a company offers the service you need. Just because you heard they install insulation in commercial buildings does not mean they also cater to residential homes. For example, if you are in need of new attic insulation in Cass County, ND, confirm with the company that they do indeed offer attic insulation installation services.
  • Get several bids: You don’t have to, but it’s not a bad idea to collect installation service and insulation product bids from a few companies before making a final decision. Compare all your bids point by point, and then look at total costs. A word to the wise: It is best not to go with the lowest bid simply because it’s the cheapest. If three bids come in close to each other, but one is significantly lower, you should be asking yourself why that is the case.

Ultimately, your decision hinges on a combination of the aforementioned tips. Remember that your new attic insulation in Cass County, ND will play a big role in maintaining your home’s indoor air temperature for year-round comfort. Contact the skilled and knowledgeable team of technicians at Interstate Insulation today to schedule an appointment!

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