Can I Handle Applying My Own Insulation with Spray Foam Kits in North Dakota?

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Spray foam kits in North Dakota provide a DIY option for homeowners wishing to insulate their space. Some DIY solutions are simple and easy to complete, but this one rates a bit higher on the difficulty scale. For a successful project, you’ll need several tools and the right environment. Consider the following checklist as you decide whether or not to try this project yourself:

  • Personal protection: Before you pull the trigger on spray foam kits in North Dakota, dress like a pro. Cover yourself completely. Foam is extremely sticky, so you want to avoid any exposure to the material as you spray. You should wear disposable coveralls with a hood, face mask, eye protection and gloves. In other words, don’t start your insulation project before insulating yourself!
  • Even coating: Keep in mind that foam expands dramatically. It can be difficult to control the depth of the foam and usually takes quite a bit of practice to spray it evenly. You only need two inches to seal joist cavities, but inexperienced insulators often apply far more spray before realizing how much has gone into the space. If you’ve seen professionals do this job, don’t be surprised if your experience isn’t as smooth.
  • No interruptions: Before you start using spray foam kits in North Dakota, be sure you can work without interruption. Clear the area and clear your schedule. This is not the time to take a phone call, let the dog out or change a diaper. Don’t stop to remove debris from the room. If you pause longer than 30 seconds once you start spraying, the interruption clogs the nozzle and you will have to put on a new one.
  • Perfect temperature: For proper coating, the temperature must stay between 75 and 85 degrees. Of course, since the area isn’t insulated yet, this might be a challenge! Pick your time of year carefully as you consider starting this project. Summer weather is ideal. Keep this high temperature in mind as you dress for the job, too. You’ll be covered in protective gear from head to toe, in approximately 80 degrees. Take precautions to avoid getting overheated.
  • Fire shield: Once completed, the foam-insulated area should be covered with a layer of ½-inch drywall to shield it from fire. If you are not prepared to do this final step yourself, it is important to get this done right away. Don’t leave foam insulation exposed to create a fire hazard. Schedule drywalling into your project timeline and budget before you begin, so you can complete the project properly.
  • Study time: Spray foam kits in North Dakota may be slightly different from each other. It is essential to follow the kit instructions exactly. It’s a good idea to study these carefully beforehand. In fact, read these through before you purchase the kit, to be sure you are comfortable handling the required steps. If it looks like it will be too much to handle, consider calling the pros.

If this task list seems daunting, don’t hesitate to call for backup. The experts at Interstate Insulation are happy to assist you with your next project. Contact us today!

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