Get to Know the Benefits of Blown-in Insulation

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There are several different types of insulation advertised today, among them different types of loose-fill or blown-in insulation in North Dakota. This style of insulation is widely used because it has many beneficial properties in the realm of efficiency, affordability and longevity—all things that make it a sound investment.

Blown-in insulation has actually become so popular that it’s replacing batt insulation in some instances, and is often a first choice among homebuilders and remodelers. What makes this form of insulation such a popular first choice among trusted builders? Take a look:

  • Ease of installation: There’s a reason it’s called “blown-in” insulation! Installers prefer this type of insulation because it’s literally blown into the area. There’s no crawling around, stapling or application method needed. It doesn’t get much simpler than hooking up a hose, blowing in insulation and closing everything up.
  • Longevity: The great thing about blown-in insulation is that it has a tendency to last longer than other types of insulation. It doesn’t break down or settle like fiberglass batt, and it won’t degrade in changing temperatures or barometric pressures. It’s a great way to get your money’s worth out of an installation that will last upwards of a decade.
  • Efficiency: Here’s where blown-in insulation really shines. Studies have shown that in attics and outside walls, blown-in insulation can perform up to 22 percent better than batts of the same R-value! This means lower energy costs, better forced air retention and a higher quality of life. The efficiency of blown-in insulation is truly stunning.
  • Sound dampening: Ambient noise is a problem that many homeowners just get used to—especially if they live near a motorway, airport, train tracks or other high-traffic area. Blown-in insulation can actually deaden this noise, reducing its presence in your home. You might not even realize how loud your home originally was until you benefit from the dampening effects of blown-in insulation.
  • Better coverage and distribution: Blown-in insulation in North Dakota offers better coverage because of the way it’s installed, resulting in fewer areas that are overly-insulated or under-insulated. This helps prevent cold spots or very warm areas in your home and promotes better heat distribution throughout your living space.
  • Sustainability: Made with recycled materials, blown-in insulation is a great investment in eco-friendly alternatives for your home. Some states offer a tax credit for using these types of materials, while home resale can also be improved via the use of eco-friendly building materials. Going green is a great investment!

The laundry list of benefits that come with choosing blown-in insulation is enough to make it a smart decision for virtually any homeowner when the time comes to re-up the insulation of their home. The efficiency and longevity benefits alone will pay for the cost of installation, and the higher quality of life you’re bound to reap from a well-insulated home adds tremendous value to a decision for blown-in insulation. Simply put, it’s a smart way to get the most for your money when insulating your home.

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