Is Reflective Attic Insulation Right for Me?

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We all know about insulation! It’s been around forever, keeping us comfortable throughout the year. But do you know anything about reflective attic insulation in North Dakota? If not, now is the time to learn!

What is reflective attic insulation?

Before we dive into the benefits of installing reflective attic insulation in North Dakota, it’d be a good idea to explain what it actually is! Reflective attic insulation, also known as foil insulation, is typically made of aluminum or polyester that’s been coated with aluminum. We usually install reflective foil insulation in unventilated cavity walls and up in your roof or attic.

Foil insulation is kind of like other types of insulation in that it reduces the amount of heat that penetrates your home. Unlike standard insulation, reflective insulation works best against thermal radiation (heat transferred through electromagnetic waves). When your roof is bombarded by the sun’s rays on a hot summer day, your reflective attic insulation will block those electromagnetic waves and help keep your home nice and cool.

Benefits of reflective attic insulation

Insulation in itself plays a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable and keeping your energy bills as low as possible. Reflective attic insulation is a great supplement to your existing insulation for these reasons:

  • Lowers energy costs: One of the main reasons people install insulation is to keep their energy costs low throughout the year. Although reflective foil insulation won’t help much during the winter, it’s extremely helpful at cutting your cooling costs in the summer. If less heat is able to enter your home, you won’t have to pay as much to crank the air conditioning all summer long.
  • Beneficial for health and safety: Some types of insulation are dangerous to be around and even more dangerous to install. Fiberglass, for example, can cut your skin, and the particles floating around in the air can be harmful to your lungs. That’s not the case with reflective foil. You don’t have to worry about any particles floating around and causing harm. Additionally, reflective foil insulation is fire retardant, unlike typical fiberglass insulation.
  • Perfect for hot days: Even though we’re up in North Dakota, we can still see some hot days in the summer. During those balmy sunny afternoons, folks who’ve installed foil insulation will stay nice and cool inside their homes. The sun’s powerful rays might give you a sunburn, but they don’t stand a chance against reflective foil insulation. The heat will bounce right off the foil and back out into the atmosphere.
  • Long lasting: Don’t get us wrong—standard types of insulation like fiberglass and spray foam are great. However, they can break down over time and become ineffective. That’s not the case with reflective foil insulation. Since it’s made from metal, you can trust that it’ll stand the test of time.

As you can see, reflective attic insulation in North Dakota has a number of benefits, with hardly any real downsides. Give Interstate Insulation a call today if you’d like to learn more about it, or to jump ahead and schedule installation.

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