Warning Signs Your Attic Insulation in North Dakota Might Be Inadequate

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If you hear high-pitched squeals when you stop your car, you know you need brake work. If you experience pain when you chew, you know you need dental work. Are you aware of the signs that indicate you need work on your attic insulation in North Dakota?

Many homes are under-insulated, but homeowners often don’t realize it. To save money on utility bills and provide better protection for your property, look for the following warning signs that your home’s insulation is inadequate and is causing drafts:

  • Drafts: Do you ever feel cool air in your home where you shouldn’t? Is there an indoor breeze you can’t explain? Are certain areas or rooms susceptible to chilly drafts? Adequate insulation prevents these random chills. If you have sufficient insulation, your home will feel less drafty and more comfortable.
  • Rising costs: How much are your utility bills? Have they been increasing over the years? Admittedly, cost of living inevitably rises over time, but your soaring energy bills could be due to inadequate attic insulation in North Dakota. As your HVAC system tries to compensate for poor insulation, you pay for it in high utility bills.
  • Animals: Are there any unwanted guests in your home? Rodents and insects use the tiniest openings to invite themselves into your space. If you experience frequent mice or insect invasions, this can indicate your home is not well insulated. Quality insulation fills in small openings and makes your home less accessible to pests.
  • Frozen pipes: This issue can cause extensive damage to your home. If you experience this problem, it is likely that your exterior walls are not insulated well enough to keep your pipes sufficiently protected from the cold. The right wall and attic insulation in North Dakota can help maintain healthy temperatures to prevent this disastrous occurrence.
  • Temperature fluctuations: Are some rooms of your home far hotter or cooler than others? Do you find that it’s difficult to maintain a constant temperature in your home? These temperature fluctuations indicate that you have inadequate insulation in your property. Without proper insulation to keep air in place, your rooms are constantly changing temperature as the air flows freely through them.
  • Sprinkles: Are you finding water in your attic? Whether you find sprinkles, trickles, or streams, the water that is finding its way into your home is an indication that you need better attic insulation in North Dakota. Don’t wait to take action, as water damage can lead to expensive repairs. You may need roof repairs as well, but solid insulation also helps keep your interior dry.

If you are experiencing one or more of these warning signs, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Interstate Insulation. We offer in-depth expertise to determine exactly which insulation option is best for your property. Our highly trained professionals will partner with you to seal up your home and prevent future drafts. You’ll enjoy lower utility bills and a more comfortable interior. Contact us today to get started.

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