How Do I Know If I Have Enough Attic Insulation in North Dakota?

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Is your home drafty? Do you find it difficult to keep your interior at a comfortable temperature? If you’re experiencing heating or cooling challenges, you might be wondering if you have enough attic insulation in North Dakota.

This is a common issue many homeowners face. How can you know if it’s a problem in your home? Use the following guide to determine if your property needs additional attic insulation in North Dakota.

Take a Peek at Your Peak

The best way to determine if you have enough attic insulation in North Dakota is to perform a visual inspection of your attic space. Look across your attic. Can you see your floor joists? If so, you need more insulation. The level of your insulation should not be at or below your floor joists. This isn’t enough. If your insulation level is well above the floor joists, you probably have enough.

In addition to the level, look for even distribution of the insulation. Attic insulation in North Dakota shouldn’t have any low spots. It should be just as thick in the eaves as it is in the center of the attic. If you have a thin layer of insulation or your attic insulation is not fully distributed, you should add more.

Take a Look at Your Losses

Another indication that your attic needs more insulation is a loss of hot air, cool air and money. If your furnace or air conditioner is having a hard time keeping up with your desired temperature, this might be due to poor insulation in the attic. Your home is losing the hot or cool air faster than it can be produced. This will result in higher utility bills, too, meaning a loss of money. If you notice high bills and low interior comfort, you might need more attic insulation in North Dakota.

Take a Tip from the Pros

To create the best insulation for your home, you must choose the best insulation options. As you make your selection, the important factor to consider is the insulation’s R-value. This measures the product’s ability to resist the flow of heat. Higher R-values mean better performance. For attics, the recommended R-value is R-38. This equates to about 10 to 14 inches of insulation. The thickness varies depending on the type of insulation you choose.

Take a New Approach

If you need to add attic insulation in North Dakota, keep in mind that you don’t have to use the same type of insulation that is currently in that space. It is possible to add fiberglass insulation over loose fill, or vice versa. You simply need to follow manufacturer recommendations when using the product. For insulation types that require a blowing machine, it is often best to hire a professional.

Find Out More

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