Warning Signs That Your Home May Be Under-Insulated

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We cannot imagine spending a North Dakota winter in an under-insulated home. Unfortunately, according to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, 90 percent of homes in the U.S. are under-insulated. This is because the housing industry is building homes and installing the minimum amount of insulation required by code. Whether you own a new home or an older one, there’s a chance you might not have enough attic insulation in North Dakota. Here are some warning signs that your home may not have the insulation it needs.

High Energy Bills

High heating bills aren’t unusual in North Dakota, but it’s worth checking the last few years’ heating bills and comparing them with your neighbors. Are your bills abnormally high, or growing higher year over year? Blown-in insulation in the attics and walls can settle over time, making the insulation less useful in keeping out the chill. Your furnace may have to work extremely hard to keep your home warm. A properly insulated home could save you as much as 20 percent on your heating bills.

Fluctuating Temperatures

A clear indicator that your home is under-insulated is having uneven temperatures throughout the home. If some rooms are warm while others are downright freezing, this would indicate that some rooms are better insulated than others. It would be helpful to check the insulation level in those uncomfortable rooms.

Cold Walls and Floors

Walls, floors and ceilings should not be cold to the touch during the winter. Perform a quick touch test in each of your rooms. If drywall and paneling inside the home feels cold or even damp, there is not enough insulation. Step outdoors and touch the exterior walls of the home. If you feel any warmth, this means hot air is seeping out of the home through the walls. There is not enough insulation. Exterior walls should be cold to the touch.

Cool Drafts

If there are areas in the home you avoid in the winter because of cold drafts, this is another clue that your home is under insulated. There may be cool air entering around window frames or doorways. Extra spray foam insulation could be added to these areas to keep them warmer and less drafty.

Invaders in Your Home

Insects, mice and other critters belong outdoors. If they can find their way inside through cracks and holes, so can the chilly air. If you are seeing rodents and other pests in your home, this is a clear indicator that your home is under-insulated. Add insulation to these tiny crevices and holes to keep your home warm, save on energy bills and keep these unwanted guests from entering your space.

Do You Need Attic Insulation in North Dakota?

If you are in need of attic insulation in North Dakota, contact the experts at Interstate Insulation. Your home doesn’t have to be under-insulated this winter. We are family owned and operated and ready to serve you. Our experts have the experience and the commitment to quality that you deserve. Give us a call today for a warmer, more comfortable winter!

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