Don’t Get Taken Advantage Of! Tips to Avoid Common Insulation Scams

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Winter is usually the time when homeowners realize their insulation is not as efficient as it used to be. It might be drafty inside, or you may be finding cold spots throughout the house, but the number one cause for suspicion is skyrocketing energy bills. All these issues can be prevented by making changes to the amount and quality of insulation in the attic.

However, when you need to replace old attic insulation in North Dakota, make sure you are not walking into a scammer’s trap. Find a reputable insulation installation company you can trust will do a great job and use quality materials. Below are some tips for avoiding common attic insulation scams.

Common scams

There are two particularly common techniques insulation scammers use: shorting and fluffing. These practices can scam a homeowner for hundreds of dollars, and don’t actually solve the person’s insulation issue. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to identify both of these scams:

  • Shorting: The practice of shorting is when a shady company fails to install enough insulation to meet the required R-value for the climate in your area. Insulation material is measured in R-value, which is why it’s important that you hire a true professional who is able to accurately determine what R-value your home needs. A scammer practicing shorting will charge you for the amount of insulation needed to reach the home’s proper R-value, then only install enough material to make the job appear to be complete. Many victims of shorting are living in homes with 20 to 30 percent less than the necessary R-value, with holes and gaps in the insulation that never got repaired.
  • Fluffing: Another common scam played out on homeowners in need of adequate attic insulation in North Dakota is called fluffing. This is when a dishonest company fluffs up the blown-in attic insulation by adjusting the speed and power of the blowing machine. The result is fiberglass covering a larger area with less insulation material. Unfortunately for the homeowner, the insulation is not dense enough to reach the R-value necessary for the local climate. An untrained eye probably won’t even notice fluffing.

How to avoid a scam

Not all insulation companies are as reputable as they make themselves out to be. Here are some tips to avoid a scam:

  • Do your homework: Don’t hire the first insulation company you find. Do some quick online research on a few companies. Check their websites, see what past clients have to say and make sure they possess the proper licensing and insurance.
  • Get recommendations: Ask friends and family if they have companies that they’d recommend for insulation installation. Asking them questions will paint a helpful picture of customer service, skills and cost.
  • Research past projects: Once you settle on a few prospective companies, request portfolios of their past work. Professionals will be able and eager to walk you through the process and point out in photos what your final product will look like.

If you think your home could benefit from more attic insulation in North Dakota, contact Interstate Spray Foam Insulation. Reach out today to schedule an appointment!

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