Learn All About Blown-In Insulation in Cass County, ND

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Unless you’re in the insulation industry, you probably have no clue that insulation can take so many different forms. Fiberglass batts, rockwool blankets and spray foam are a few of the most common options for use throughout the home. Up in the attic, however, blown-in insulation is the king. Blown-in insulation in Cass County, ND offers a number of advantages up in the attic, and this post will teach you exactly what they are:

  • Energy efficiency: Though you might not realize it, a lot of the heat in your home escapes through your attic—especially if it’s under-insulated. Letting warm air escape and cold air penetrate your roof makes your furnace have to work harder to heat your home, which leads to higher energy bills each month. The good news is that blown-in insulation can help trap that heat and prevent it from escaping by filling in nooks and crannies in your attic. In fact, it can increase your energy efficiency by as much as 20 percent!
  • Materials: Blown-in insulation can either be made of fiberglass or cellulose. Both types of insulation are made of recyclable materials and are proven to be safe and eco-friendly. They’re both great options for insulation, but cellulose can lose its R-value (energy efficiency rating) over time. Talk to your insulation specialist about which option is right for your home.
  • Cost: Blown-in insulation isn’t as cheap as batts or rolls that you find at the hardware store. However, the good news is that you really do get what you pay for when you choose blown-in insulation in Cass County, ND. Since you’ll pay drastically less to cool and heat your home, you can expect to recoup the extra cost of blown-in insulation within four years of installation.
  • Noise: What’s one of the top things you want when you’re trying to relax at home? If you’re like most folks, the answer is peace and quiet! That can be hard to come by, though, especially if you have noisy neighbors or if there’s a big thunderstorm going on. One of the top ways to block out that noise is to add blown-in insulation. Since it forms an airtight seal, blown-in insulation blocks sound from penetrating your ceiling.
  • Installation: Installing blown-in insulation is a lot easier than rolling out blankets of fiberglass or inserting batts into the walls. Blown-in insulation is just that: it’s blown in using a hose. The best part is that the job can be completed within a couple of hours. Keep in mind that this job needs to be performed by a professional, which is part of the reason why it’s more expensive than other types of lower quality insulation.

Does blown-in insulation still seem like a bit of a mystery, or are you ready to install blown-in insulation in Cass County, ND? Either way, you should give Interstate Insulation a call. Our friendly experts can help you learn more about blown-in insulation as well as quickly install it in your attic. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation!

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