What Type of Attic Insulation Is Right for Me?

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You’ve decided your home could use better insulation. It’s drafty. Your utility bills are high. Your guests complain about being cold even when you crank the thermostat. To make your surroundings more comfortable (and to protect your bank account), you’re looking into attic insulation installation in North Dakota.

You quickly realize you have several options for insulation. Which is best? Which is right for your property? What product will provide the comfortable surroundings you seek? Use the following overview of the most common insulation options available to determine which is the best solution for your setting.

Fair: Fiberglass Batts

This solution is a common DIY choice. Why? The fiberglass batts are easy to roll out in an attic or anywhere else in the home that could use better insulation. The problem is, this product doesn’t really provide better insulation. It isn’t very effective, especially compared to the other options available for insulation installation in North Dakota. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Better: Cellulose

A better solution for insulation installation in North Dakota is cellulose. This insulation is made of recycled paper and boric acid. The paper is ground up into a thick mass, and the boric acid adds fire resistance and insect control. This type of insulation is available in bags and can be installed as a DIY project. However, you will need a blower, and the installation generates a lot of dust. Professionals can install this for you, using a wet-spray, to reduce dust and improve the R-value of the material slightly.

The nice thing about cellulose is air control. The material can control the movement of air because it is dense enough to stop a majority of air movement. This will reduce frost and create a warmer environment (unlike fiberglass batts, which cannot control air movement).

Good: Loose-Fill Fiberglass

This is a popular choice for new-construction homes. For this insulation installation in North Dakota, you’ll need a blower like those used by professionals. The downside is the material’s irritant qualities. It is hard on the skin and lungs, and must be handled appropriately. It offers quality insulation for a property, but it simply needs to be installed very carefully.

Best: Spray Foam

The top-performing insulation type is spray foam. This material can fill in every corner, every gap and every nook to create an effective air barrier. Because air cannot move through it, spray foam provides a top solution for insulation installation in North Dakota. To achieve these effective results, the foam must be sprayed appropriately and accurately. This requires trained professionals who have the knowledge and equipment to install the spray foam.

Get the Best

For top solutions for insulation installation in North Dakota, turn to Interstate Insulation. Our highly trained technicians offer in-depth experience in spray foam insulation. We also specialize in a variety of other insulation solutions. Contact our team today to discover the best option for your space and budget. No job is too big or small! Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our insulation experts.

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