What Works Better? DIY Spray Foam or Hiring a Pro?

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DIY spray foam insulation in Fargo, ND may seem like an appealing prospect. It looks easy enough—just point and spray and enjoy saving money. There are kits available, and if you are insulating a small area (like around doors and windows), this is a good DIY project. However, there are drawbacks that make hiring a professional a much more prudent course of action. Here are five reasons why.

  • Improper mixing: When we bring RetroFoam to your home, we have it mixed and ready. Our experience ensures that it remains well mixed and application goes smoothly. You do not have this advantage when using DIY kits. Due to unclear instructions and lack of experience, homeowners often end up with poorly mixed insulation that cannot be properly applied. Anything not mixed must be thrown out, and that ends up costing you money.
  • Uneven application: When you call in a pro, you can rest assured that the insulation will be installed correctly and evenly. Homeowners who attempt to insulate with a kit may cover some areas more than others. If the foam appears to not stick, the first instinct is to apply more, and that only wastes material. This often means still experiencing drafts or even allowing moisture accumulation and mold growth. Your attempt to save money on insulation may lead to a completely new (and expensive) problem.
  • Preparation: Spray foam insulation sticks to everything—assuming you mix it correctly. Once it sticks, it is nearly impossible to remove. Inexperienced homeowners do not always keep control of the nozzle, or they feel they must finish the job in one weekend. This often leads to applying insulation where you do not want it. Also, pros wear protective gear—including a hooded suit, face mask and eye protection—for a reason. If you do not want to breathe in the fumes or have errant insulation stick to you, it is wise to make that effort. However, safety equipment that you may only use once also costs money. Considering this, it becomes easier to hire a professional and have insulation applied properly and safely.
  • Time: Homeowners are often pressured to finish a DIY project in a weekend. That often means overlooking details or lacking the time to address issues. Things can go wrong with a spray foam kit. You can fail to mix the insulation properly, and it will fail to stick to anything. Nozzles also clog quickly, usually after 30 seconds of no use. That means no breaks unless you swap out the nozzle, which also requires time. If 7:00 p.m. on Sunday arrives quickly and the job is not done, panic ensues. That leads to overlooking details and likely doing a hasty job of applying insulation.
  • You cannot do it all: Kits work best for small spaces, like windows and doors. If you need to insulate walls, the insulation in the DIY kit will not work—even if you buy multiple kits. Attempting to make up for this shortcoming with multiple kits will result in less-than-optimal insulation and wasted money.

Avoid DIY spray foam insulation in Fargo, SD and call in a pro instead. Interstate Insulation offers personalized service and expert workmanship. Call us today to schedule an estimate!

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