A User’s Guide to Attic Insulation

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Taking good care of the entire “shell” of your house is common sense. Windows, roofs and siding all need to be in good working order if you hope to maintain consistent, comfortable temperatures. However, once you move inside the home and explore the shell from the other side, things don’t get any less important. Insulation is an often-overlooked part of any home’s maintenance, and it plays a critical role in keeping your home comfortable no matter the weather.

Good practices can start with this attic insulation guide in Fargo, ND. At Interstate Insulation, our team of reliable and trained technicians knows how to execute the best plan of attack for any attic’s insulation needs, and the primer we’ve assembled below gives you a good overview of what you might need to do.

Do I have enough insulation?

This is a common question we hear from many homeowners—it can be hard for the untrained eye to tell whether or not they have enough insulation in their home. One easy rule of thumb is to go up to your attic and inspect the floor joists. If you can easily see these joists—that is, if the insulation does not rise above them—then odds are you simply do not have enough insulation and should give the pros at Interstate Insulation a call to make sure you’re squared away in time for the colder months of fall and winter. An attic insulation guide in Fargo, ND is a good way to educate yourself on quick tips about your home’s needs.

How much insulation should I add to my attic?

This is a tricky question for us to answer, because there really is no one simple response that fits every homeowner’s situation. You can start to get an idea by understanding R-value, which is the measure of any type of insulation’s ability to resist the flow of heat—the higher this number, the better the insulation will be able to stand up to this kind of thermal transfer. At its most basic, most insulation should be around R-38 at a depth of 10 to 14 inches, but that number may vary, especially in colder temperatures like those we see here in Fargo.

How do I pick the right type of insulation?

This is again one of those questions that we can’t answer for you right away, but that we can much more easily address if you give us a call for an estimate. We can take a look at your current setup and discuss with you the goals for your heating and cooling, and then draw on our 13 years of experience to make a judgment about what insulation will work for you.

Attic insulation is some of the most important insulation you can have in your home, and it’s not something you want to take lightly. If you give Interstate Insulation a call today after perusing this short attic insulation guide, you’ll be glad you did, especially when the Fargo, ND weather takes a turn for the worse and heat becomes even more important.

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